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Web Hosting. Most people have heard the term, most of us don’t understand it. It’s just one of those things where we kind of nod our head and say, “yeah, for sure” at the appropriate times and hope nobody asks us any questions about it. The purpose of this article is to clear the air–I’m assuming we are all idiots. Well, almost idiots. There are a few terms, such as “internet” and “computer” that I’m hoping we all pretty much understand. If you’re confused about those two terms, there are usually classes at the local library.All that aside, my goal here is to explain what web hosting is–for those of us who don’t have a phD in nerd.



Ok, so let’s go back 9 months. You decided you were going to have a baby. No, not a real baby–a pretend baby, a website. So you spent 9 months or substantially less working with a web designer–or (as is often the case) with your friend’s nerdy kid, on this brand new website. Now it’s done, well pretty much done. The web designer lets you know that the baby is ready to come out–and asks you what he or she should do about it. This is the part where most of us get lost. We didn’t attend those birthing classes everyone told us we were supposed to, and pretty much all we know are the breathing exercises we see feminine guys doing on sitcoms.


I’m taking this metaphor too seriously. Regardless, this is where web hosting plays a role.



Not to take anything away from women who have given birth, (believe me, I know it’s crazy–I was there) but giving birth to your baby is only phase one. Once you have a kid, they give you about 12 hours in the hospital before they kick you out. By the time this happens, the kid better have a place to stay. Also a car seat.


So if your website is your baby, your hosting account is your house. It’s where your website lives. Your hosting provider is your neighborhood–your apartment complex. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can keep your baby in anything from a 4-door sedan parked at 7-11, to Iron Man’s house (which sadly was destroyed in the third installment). But we’ll talk more about the different options later.


it’s not optional

This is just a quick closing statement. Hosting isn’t optional–a website needs a place to live. That’s it.


Thanks for reading this far, you have endured.



Nate Smith

Lead Developer and CEO

I am a web developer and designer, as well as a husband and father. I grew up in the Boston, MA area and will forever be a Bostonian. I'm passionate about building sites that look great, are easy to navigate, and that work really well on all devices. The languages I work with most are PHP and MySQL, Javascript, HTML5, and CSS--but I also have experience with Ruby, Linux and ASP. The applications I use on a regular basis are Adobe CC, Sublime Text, and PHPStorm.

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