Web101: It’s Ok for Daddy to Go if your Host is a Monster (Part One)

So, in our previous post, “Web101: What is Web Hosting” we covered what web hosting is. In this post we want to talk about the different types of houses that are available. Do you want to host in an RV beside Joe’s Hot Dog Stand (sorry Joe), or pay for a multi-million dollar property overlooking the Pacific Ocean? For most people, something in between is ideal.



In describing what hosting is, we described your website as your baby, your hosting account as your house, and your hosting provider as your apartment complex. To be more accurate, it’s not exactly your hosting provider–but your hosting plan that is more like your apartment complexes–because some realtors/providers offer much more than one type of property.



There are three basic (and yes, there are a multitude of variations) options available to you if you are looking for a place to keep your website. In this article, we will just go over the most common one (and the cheapest).


1. Basic Shared Web Hosting

This is the web hosting that gets the most publicity. Why? Because it’s cheaper, by a good margin too. So is living in your car. That doesn’t make it ideal.


Shared web-hosting is not all bad though. It really is a good value, because almost anyone can justify paying under $10/mo for a house. Sites like Go Daddy, Host Monster, iPage, and a million other guys all offer ridiculously low prices for their shared web hosting packages. Remember this freaky commercial?




This is what shared hosting basically is. You pay x dollars a month to rent a small amount of space with a bunch of other people. Think of it like renting a room right out of college. Your sharing a room with 2 other guys, and you three guys are sharing an apartment with 8 other guys (I know, it’s super-crowded, but I was poor). There is very little privacy, there is often drama, and you can’t wait to be able to afford your own space–but it works for now. That’s shared hosting.


On the Positive Side

1. It’s cheap. You can afford it.

2. It’s fairly stable much of the time. It doesn’t go down every day. For sure.

3. They have memorable commercials.


On the Negative Side

1. It’s not super safe. You are keeping your stuff (and your client’s stuff if applicable) in a pretty vulnerable space. It’s much easier to break into your roommate’s backpack than it is to break into someone’s guarded house.


2. Performance suffers. Your website doesn’t perform nearly as well when it’s sharing a computer with tons of other websites. You know the “unlimited everything” your hosting provider offers you? It’s not reality. The more people load on to their sites, the more your site suffers–especially during peak hours.


3. It often goes down more. If your roommate burns the house down–your house gets burned down too. Other people can effect not only the performance of your site–but whether or not your site is even live!


Does it make sense for Anyone?

Yes. Does it make sense for you? Probably not. Shared hosting makes sense for  a personal blog. Something akin to ‘Cool Puppy Scarves.’ If you have any sort of business, organization–or are planning to make any money on your site–shared hosting is probably not the plan you want to go with.




Yes, we do. We’ll discuss that in much more detail in our follow-up article. In the mean time, if you are interested in hosting with us or in using us for design or web development work, please shoot us a message or call.


Thanks for reading! Hope it helped.


Nate Smith

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