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Web101: It’s Ok for Daddy to Go if your Host is a Monster (Part One)

So, in our previous post, “Web101: What is Web Hosting” we covered what web hosting is. In this post we want to talk about the different types of houses that are available. Do you want to set up shop in an RV beside Joe’s Hot Dog Stand (sorry Joe), or pay for a multi-million dollar property overlooking the Pacific Ocean? For most people, something in between is ideal.

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Web101: Domain Names

Growing up, they always kind of confused me–well, they still do. I remember the www thing was a big deal as a kid, and then suddenly (not really sure when) you didn’t have to put the www! So yeah, if you’re still saying “www” when you’re telling people about your website, you are showing your age.

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Web101: What is Web Hosting

Web Hosting. Most people have heard the term, most of us don’t understand it. It’s just one of those things where we kind of nod our head and say, “yeah, for sure” at the appropriate times and hope nobody asks us any questions about it.

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