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Lynn City Unplugged Graphic and Print Design

Nate Designs Stuff was involved with a graphic design project a little while ago that was run by one of the professors (and poets) at Salem State University. They were doing a regular open house in the Lynn, MA area called “Lynn City Unplugged.”

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Asei Engineering Graphic Design

We were contacted by a friend in Phoenix, Arizona to do a business card design and a logo a little while back. We really like them, so we decided we’d post them here as well. They had a dog they wanted to use as their logo. Hey, we’re not entirely sure what he has to do with engineering–but we figure you can come up with something.

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Graphic Design: Making Logos Better or Better Logos

Logos can be super frustrating for small and mid-range businesses. Before I threw myself into the graphic design thing, the extent of my experience was with WordArt and ClipArt, neither of which looked good at all. Well, don’t get me wrong. It totally did when I was working on my 5th grade dioramas. Who could beat the slanty, blue, 3d text? No one.

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