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Lynn City Unplugged Graphic and Print Design

Nate Designs Stuff was involved with a graphic design project a little while ago that was run by one of the professors (and poets) at Salem State University. They were doing a regular open house in the Lynn, MA area called “Lynn City Unplugged.”

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Clearpoint Coaching Web, Graphic and Print Design

Clearpoint Coaching contacted us for logo, web, and print design–and we were happy to help them. First, we helped them develop their branding material, concentrating on their logo and their business card. We then went on to build an online presence for them, and then designed a banner and some print material for an exhibition booth.

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Print Design Showcase: HAC Design

Today’s demo is from a church in Haverhill. We designed their bulletin that they update on a weekly basis as well as their “connect cards.” We also did door titles, signs, etc. But we just want to give you a taste, not completely overwhelm your senses!

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