Here’s some of our design work. If you want a more complete rundown of the services we offer, feel free to check out our creatively titled about page or shoot us a message.

Lynn City Unplugged Graphic and Print Design

Nate Designs Stuff was involved with a graphic design project a little while ago that was run by one of the professors (and poets) at Salem State University. They were doing a regular open house in the Lynn, MA area called “Lynn City Unplugged.”

Clearpoint Coaching Web, Graphic and Print Design

Clearpoint Coaching contacted us for logo, web, and print design–and we were happy to help them. First, we helped them develop their branding material, concentrating on their logo and their business card. We then went on to build an online presence for them, and then designed a banner and some print material for an exhibition booth.

Asei Engineering Graphic Design

We were contacted by a friend in Phoenix, Arizona to do a business card design and a logo a little while back. We really like them, so we decided we’d post them here as well. They had a dog they wanted to use as their logo. Hey, we’re not entirely sure what he has to do with engineering–but we figure you can come up with something.

Haverhill Alliance Web Design

When we built this site, we were on a mission to provide something that was more than just a simple hub for information. We wanted to use it as a way to interact with the people in the church, as well as provide fresh media content on a regular basis.

Hurtado Photography Website

Today, we’re going to look at a website we did for Hurtado Photography. Molly is a local photographer (Connecticut) and world traveler (World). She really enjoys inspiring people, and it’s a joy to be a part of something that, for her and those she works with, is about a lot more than collecting a paycheck.

Web Showcase: Billion Soul Publishing

Previously, we replicated a site design for them (, in honor of a man named Stephen Olford. This time, they wanted to launch a site for their new network publishing venture aptly titled, “Billion Soul Publishing.”

Print Design Showcase: HAC Design

Today’s demo is from a church in Haverhill. We designed their bulletin that they update on a weekly basis as well as their “connect cards.” We also did door titles, signs, etc. But we just want to give you a taste, not completely overwhelm your senses!

Website Showcase: Autumn Granger

This girl is an amazing photographer, (I should know, she did our wedding). She’s got excellent taste, she’s prompt, full of ideas–and overall, just very good at what she does.


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