All the benefits of having a media guy, without having to hire one.

Why We Developed This

One of the things we’ve noticed in the church is that there are a lot of congregations that want to utilize technology, but don’t have staff or volunteers with quite enough time, experience or technical knowledge, and don’t have the resources or the desire to hire a full-time media guy.

Developed specifically for churches, by guys who grew up working in them.


Often, these churches end up having to settle for sub-par web, screen and print design, because they feel like they don’t really have any other options–they just have to work with what they’ve got.


Well, we’re here to provide an alternative.


After seeing this time and time again, we decided that we wanted to design a technology management package specifically for churches. We want your church’s website to work on every device, to be interactive, to be up to date, and be optimized for search engines like Google and Bing. We want your sermons to be up by Tuesday every week, and transcribed verbatim. We want your podcast to be up and running. We want your all-around branding to be consistent and clean. We want your bulletins, letterhead, business cards, brochures, and flyers to all be professional and consistent every week.


And we have the experience and technical knowledge to help you make it happen. You don’t need to hire an expensive, full-time media guy to get professional and ongoing, web, screen and print support.



Web Basics


Ideal for Churches who already have a good design and technology team but need professional web support.


Site Development or Revitalization Consultation and Action Plan

Web Hosting and Server Maintenance on our VPS

Custom Wordpress Theme Development

Training on Wordpress as a CMS

5 Free Domain Names

Email Hosting and Setup

Search Engine Optimization

Access to all our Documentation on Updating and Maintaining your Website

Bi-Annual Off-Site Consultation

Email Support

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Web Deluxe


Good for congregations who have consistent media help but not enough to consistently maintain an interactive web presence.


Weekly Sermon Management

Blog Management

Event and Calendar Updates

Setup and Management of Audio Podcast

Video Hosting and Maintenance

Online Giving Setup and Integration

Email Campaign Management

Regular Site Content Updates

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The Master


Our most recommended package. For churches who want professional and ongoing web, screen, and print support.


Bulletin Design and Updates

Regular Newsletter Design and Updates

Logo, Business Card, and Letterhead Design or Revitalization

Sermon Series Design

Welcome Slide and Announcements Template

Guaranteed Same Day Support Response

25% Off All Other Print Design

OptionalSermons Transcribed Verbatim

OptionalAdditional Features can be Added Upon Request

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What qualifies Nate Designs Stuff to offer a package so church-specific?


Both of our owners at Nate Designs Stuff grew up as Pastor’s kids, and as such, were heavily involved in church from an early age. Both have continued to serve at their respective congregations as media and technology directors. On the technical side–the NDS team is comprised of people with a variety of skills, from back-end web development to graphic and print design. We make a special effort to stay up-to-date with all the different ways a church can, and should, take advantage of media and technology.


Q: Can these packages be customized in order to fit my congregation’s needs?


Yes. When you sign up, no payment information is collected–and that’s because we want to speak with you and ensure your package reflects your congregation’s needs exactly.


Q: Do you offer any sort of informational packets that I can present to my board or ministry team?


Yes, and more. We offer packets that can be sent to you digitally or via snail-mail. Just contact us, and we’d be happy to send you whatever you need.


We actually do one better though. If you’re interested in either the Web Deluxe or the Master package, we will make ourselves available to present the package to your leadership team during one of your regularly scheduled elder or board meetings. We will also field any questions they may have. If you’re within 80 miles of Boston, MA we can do this in person–if further, we can set up a conference call or online video conference. We understand the importance of communication, and want to provide you with whatever tools you need in order to effectively communicate The Mediaguy Package to the rest of your team.

Q: Once I sign up for a package, what happens? What’s the process?


Once you sign up for a package, one of our team members will follow up with you by phone or email (whichever you selected) to talk through your congregation’s web, media, technology and design needs. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you’d like. At the end of that conversation, our team will collaborate and develop an action plan for your church. We will follow up with you and discuss pricing, our development timetable, and how to finalize the roll-out for your new Mediaguy Package.


Q: What is the turn around time and advanced notice required for some of the common Mediaguy services?


Our turn around time will vary according to what the project entails. Bulletin and newsletter updates would be regularly scheduled and there would be a quicker turn-around time. For things like designing sermon art, we would require around one month advance notice so that we could ensure we have time to come up with a good concept, execute a high-quality design, and format it for all your different media outlets. And don’t worry, these time-tables would be explained to you in the on-boarding process, as well as spelled out explicitly on your organization’s contract.


Q: How long does it take for you to get our sermons up on a weekly basis?


We guarantee all sermons are online within 48 hours of our receiving them. If your congregation has specific time-sensitive needs, we can discuss that as well.

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