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Haverhill Alliance owns one of our newer site designs. It’s fully responsive, simple, clean, and complex. We highly encourage you to check it out for yourself. They manage the site themselves, so there may be some cosmetic differences now.


When we built this site, we were on a mission to provide something that was more than just a simple hub for information. We didn’t just want a few landing pages that visitors could use to see what the church is about. We wanted to use it as a way to interact with the people in the church, as well as provide fresh media content on a regular basis. This in addition to all that beautiful information stuff.


HAC Web Design and Development



  • We were hip-deep in the conceptualization process. We took ideas and helped translate them into the web-space.
  • We set up a responsive website for the church. It is formatted and optimized to look good and work well on every size device. This is everything from the general content, to the sermons, to the events. It’s all set up for every device.
  • We were responsible for the site design as well as back-end development.
  • They were set up with a custom WordPress theme that is super easy to update–especially given the complexity of the site. We used custom post types to delineate between the different functions on the site.
  • We provided complete documentation on how to update the site.
  • We provided sermon art, and optimized the art to match all the different delivery systems that would be used.
  • An iTunes podcast feed was set up to update based upon their main media feed on the website. It pulls from their description, title and audio file on a weekly basis.
  • A blog was set up, along with an auto-email list so that they could publish weekly updates that get sent out to the congregation.
  • MX servers were re-routed so they could use Google Apps as their email host.
  • We also host and manage the website.


Interested in having something done for your church or business? Contact us! We’d love to chat with you about how we can help you.



Nate Smith

Lead Developer and CEO

I am a web developer and designer, as well as a husband and father. I grew up in the Boston, MA area and will forever be a Bostonian. I'm passionate about building sites that look great, are easy to navigate, and that work really well on all devices. The languages I work with most are PHP and MySQL, Javascript, HTML5, and CSS--but I also have experience with Ruby, Linux and ASP. The applications I use on a regular basis are Adobe CC, Sublime Text, and PHPStorm.


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