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Want us to send out an email blast, write a blog, update the website, or post new events/update your calendar? This is how you can communicate that to us quickly and effectively. There are two primary methods:



This is the way we recommend you communicate with us because it keeps everything in one place for you, and we feel it’s the easiest–but it’s not required! It’s simply a tool we feel is helpful.



To inform us when you want us to update your digital content, simply log in to your members portal, click “updates” and scroll down to “update content.” All you have to do from there is give us whatever information you have that you want to share–you can submit anything from plain abbreviated text, to full PDF documents–whatever you have. You can also set a date that you would like us to update the content (particularly useful for blog posting dates or email blasts). After that, simply check the appropriate boxes indicating what you would like us to create or update, click “update,” and we’ll take it from there!



The other way you can let us know you’d like to send out an email blast or have us write a blog post is to notify us via email. Please include the Title of what you would like to say, as well as any of the specifics you would like to convey in this digital communication. You can attach any files or images you’d like us to include, and we will take it from there.



We will speak with you individually to determine exactly how we work together when it comes to digital communication. What we do is more adapting content rather than creating it. After all, we want your congregation to hear your thoughts, not ours, and we feel that you probably want the same! We just want to make it as easy as we possibly can for you to communicate quickly and efficiently via digital means–even if you hate computers.


In regards to time, we ask that for digital communication, churches give us at least 2 business days to edit, tweak and adapt any content you want us to publish to your congregation. This would mean that if you want your blog up on Friday, we would like to have it on Wednesday. This allows us time to make sure there is good, quality content and consistent branding. It also gives us sufficient time to communicate with you if there are any questions or we need clarification on anything.

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