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We were contacted by a friend in Phoenix, Arizona to do a business card design and a logo a little while back. We really like them, so we decided we’d post them here as well. They had a dog they wanted to use as their logo. Hey, we’re not entirely sure what he has to do with engineering–but logos aren’t always all about the meaning. Some of the most popular logos are pretty random images.


Anyway, we wanted to keep it clean and simple, and we’re happy with the results.



Asei Business Card Design



Asei Logo Design



  • Full logo design and optimization. The whole thing is vector, which means it looks amazing, and is infinitely scalable (due to math and such). So it works well on a website or a billboard.
  • Full business card design using their custom branding, logo, and desired color scheme. Simple and clean. We love them.



Shoot us an email or visit our contact page if you want us to talk with you about how we can help your business. We’d love to chat, seriously.



Nate Smith

Lead Developer and CEO

I am a web developer and designer, as well as a husband and father. I grew up in the Boston, MA area and will forever be a Bostonian. I'm passionate about building sites that look great, are easy to navigate, and that work really well on all devices. The languages I work with most are PHP and MySQL, Javascript, HTML5, and CSS--but I also have experience with Ruby, Linux and ASP. The applications I use on a regular basis are Adobe CC, Sublime Text, and PHPStorm.


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